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Delve into the world of restaurant interior design where ambiance and aesthetics play a pivotal role in dining experiences. From elegant fine dining establishments to cozy, rustic eateries, explore innovative designs that enhance the culinary journey. Discover how lighting, furniture, color schemes, and décor come together to create inviting spaces that reflect the personality and theme of each venue. This category also encompasses the vibrant interiors of bars, bistros, and cafes, offering a wealth of ideas and trends to inspire designers and restaurateurs alike.

Cafe Al maqha – a Unique Design by Fares Dhifi

Fares Dhifi is a young designer from France, of Tunisian origin. One of his latest projects is Cafe Al maqha, a café with a unique design, as simple as beautiful. Looking at the pictures, I do not know why, but the words that come to my mind are those that say: valuable essences are kept […]

Cafe Crust by Ignitus Architectural Studio

We encounter at the Cafe Crust, an unique approach expressed by a contrast design, a project made by Ignitus Architectural Studio in Ahmadabad, India. Once entered in this cafe, you will feel like you have stepped into another world, the ambiance is not connected with anything from the outside world. The lights in contrast with

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