AFFD Design

Founded in Beijing, China by the class-level indoor architect Steve Gao, AFFD Design is a design management company integrating planning and architectural design, ecological landscape design, human interior design, and soft decoration design. Born out of the China Architecture Design Group Zhubang Design Institute, it is composed of architects and engineers with rich practical experience and international perspective. AFFD Design Firm is committed to finding breakthroughs and inspirations in the complex and redundant state of the city, providing design solutions that combine the spirit of the times with the modern oriental temperament, and achieves excellent results in the fields of residences, industrial offices, commercial design, and recreation real estate.

Gao Zhiqiang, senior interior architect, was born in Beijing in 1975 and graduated from the environmental art design major of the school of fine arts of Tsinghua university and the EMBA postgraduate class of Peking University. He served Truebond China Architecture Design Group as deputy dean. And he is 2018 the 5th Chinese Design of the Year Conference executive member and the founder of AFFD. After 20 years working experience, he becomes a role model for Chinese interior architects. Gao Zhiqiang innovatively puts forward the viewpoint of “emotional design of space”. He presided over many High-end office, private house and health care projects., such as the design of baidu international building, China construction bank research institute, Tongrentang Cuihe health care experience center, QYER office, private residence of Wang Xiaofei, private residence of Zhang Lan.
As a witness of China’s rapid urbanization, Gao Zhiqiang is a sincere expresser of modernism. He not only has the creative mentality of the post-80s generation, but also has the intellectual pedigree of the post-70s generation. He also has many social duties, the vice chairman of the design committee of China architectural decoration association and the expert member of the commercial real estate committee of China real estate association. He has won many honors such as national outstanding young and middle-aged interior designer, Chinese design person of the year, Chinese interior design elite. And he actively participates in large-scale public welfare activities.

LOCATION: Beijing, China