Alia Bengana Architect

Alia Bengana

Alia Bengana was born in Algiers. She graduated from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture in 2000. During her studies, she spent one year at La Sapienza School of Architecture in Rome. This experience marked the start of a European career path, which later became international.
She started by working for the Josep Llinás Architecture Agency in Barcelona in 2001 and continued in 2002 by collaborating with the Dusapin Leclercq Agency for projects in North Africa. She then worked for three years for Pier Luigi Copat, an Italian architect based in Paris, a part of whose activities are connected to the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
In 2006, she was awarded the Delano & Aldrich Fellowship from the Academy of Architecture and the American Institute of Architects that allowed her to spend one year in the United States making a comparative study of the systems used to evaluate the environmental quality of buildings (the LEED® Rating System in the United States and the HQE® Approach in France). This experience was fundamental to her professional path, piquing her interest in environmental quality and how to apply it to architecture.
In 2007, Alia Bengana moved to Shanghai. She started collaborating with an Australian-Chinese company that is sensitive to environmental issues, BAU International Architects and Urbanists. She then worked freelance on interior architecture projects, as well as on furniture design, for her private clients. In September 2008, she moved back to Paris and created the Alia Bengana Architect Agency.
Alia Bengana is interested simultaneously in two different threads of architecture, from the construction of buildings and its role in improving our environment all the way to the detailed drawing and design of furniture.

LOCATION: Paris, France