Allen Jack+Cottier

Allen Jack+Cottier is a leading Australian architectural practice. Our landmark architectural projects have changed the way people live, work and play.

At Allen Jack+Cottier (AJ+C) we believe that successful buildings should enrich people’s lives and add quality to the communities they serve.
We aspire to this vision by combining 60 years of experience in planning, architecture, conservation, urban design, interiors and graphics with a youthful ability to see things in new and dynamic ways.
With offices in Sydney and Beijing and current projects in Australia and China, AJ+C employs over 70 staff. To meet the unique requirements of each project, we select an interdisciplinary team led by one of our accomplished Principals or Directors.
This collaborative and pragmatic approach ensures high quality outcomes within budget and time constraints. Creatively, it allows us to tap our collective wisdom while nurturing new design talent and keeping a fresh perspective.
Our long standing commitment to high standards and ecological sustainability may explain why AJ+C continues to be consistently rated by our peers as one of Australia’s leading architectural firms.
Our landmark projects have changed the way people live and work and have influenced how they think about design.
These include libraries, schools, universities, art galleries, town and commercial centres, residential developments, wineries, healthcare facilities, churches, cinemas, carparks, hotels, spas, and sporting venues in Australia and internationally.
Though recognised for the enduring quality of our design, AJ+C understand that it is the relationship with our clients that determines the true success of any project.
That’s why we encourage strong communication with our clients from the outset and value the ongoing exchange of needs, ideas, and insights. Good communication engenders trust. This is vital to the creative process and what keeps our clients coming back to AJ+C.
Allen Jack+Cottier is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia