Amalgam Studio

Ben Albury

Amalgam Studio is a multi-disciplinary design firm working in the fields of architecture, interiors, product design and furniture design.

The studio is located in the Flatiron District, with views of the Chrysler Building, and enjoys the continuing inspiration from these brilliant skyscrapers.

Ben Albury
Architect, Designer, Artist, Printmaker, Writer, Entrepreneur, Ideas Person.
Born in Melbourne, Australia, he has called New York City home-base for the last 11 years.
He has over 21 years of full-time experience in the building and construction industries over three continents, and has worked at various scales in various sectors including residential, commercial, civic, institutional, hospitality, retail and mixed use. He likes to think of himself as a late-bloomer.
He founded Amalgam Studio LLC in NYC in 2013.
He founded Venhaus LLC in 2018, to explore the possibilities of energy efficient modular home design.