Anne Carrier Architecture

About Anne Carrier architecture (AC /a)

The winner of the prestigious Governor General’s Award for architecture in 2016, the Anne Carrier architectural firm is recognized for the quality of its work and its excellent service, as well as for its ability to solve complex problems with a simple, effective and sustainable approach. The firm has earned more than 35 awards and distinctions during its 25-year history, in recognition of its mastery of building design and technology, as well as its ability to work within budgets and to exceed client expectations.

Since 1992, the firm has been strongly committed to its mission of contributing to the improvement of living spaces by focusing on the creativity, quality and durability of its architectural creations. By offering well thought out, gimmick-free solutions in harmony with surrounding natural, cultural and urban landscapes, the firm seeks to contribute to the success of a distinct Québécois architecture that will be an integral part of tomorrow’s heritage.

The firm’s conceptual, architectural, aesthetic and technical choices converge on the creation of spaces where “natural light and transparency” reign. The approach is grounded in clear and elegant tectonic expression and fine detail work. Through its search for a perfect balance between complex components and elegant results, the team creates sensitive and stimulating spaces with emotional depth and historical resonance.

LOCATION: Levis, Canada