anySCALE Architecture Design


anySCALE is a company with deep roots in Asian philosophy, and in the same time with a strong glimpse into the future. Besides brilliant architectural concepts, spaces created by the design company bring not only attractive façades and interiors, but become in the end spaces to inspire, full of energy, functional and a step ahead into future technologies. The design company anySCALE is a bright example of a company that makes it all real.

The three anySCALE founders share the same values and take a challenge of any scale. Together they have built the multi-faceted team: pure lines and clean considered details of the design taste by Andreas, Tom’s constant search for optimization and staying ahead of the game with the element of surprise into the projects, sophistication and high class of Karin help to read a client’s mind and translate those ideas into reality.

Implying technological solutions, anySCALE is more flexible and open-minded, they constantly face new market requirements and develop themselves for the future challenges. The value is not only in the aesthetic beauty and architectural/design idea, it is in the harmony in all.

LOCATION: Beijing, China