Architres Studio

About Architres Studio

Architres Studio is an interdisciplinary architecture and interior design studio based in Budapest, Hungary.

Our design practice is built upon varied technical, creative and financial backgrounds to find simple solutions to complex problems. We started our studio in 2017 after years of experience in Budapest and also abroad. Our vision is set to find a balance between design, innovation, functionality, personality and humanity. We think architecture should not be autotelic as it belongs to everyone. Our goal is to explore different elements and combine them to form harmonious environments. By this harmony, we also aim to link spatial organisations to society as a whole. We are interested in every scope of design from the human scale to social issues and all the paths between them. Our project range involves public, commercial and private commissions that we find equally fascinating and challenging. The design process is always similar regardless of the scale and type and never complete but intends to start a fulfiling user experience that eventually evolves the design.

LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary