Arjaan De Feyter

Interior Architect Arjaan De Feyter graduated from the Antwerp Henry Van de Velde Institute in 1999. He started his own design bureau virtually immediately afterwards, combining this – until 2005 – with a freelance position with the renowned Antwerp interior designer Suzon Ingber. Since 2006 he also holds a teaching position in Interior Design at the Department for Architectural Sciences at the University of Antwerp.
The bureau specializes in overall concepts custom-tailored to the needs of the individual interior. Recently, it has broadened its focus to include exterior designing, with a view to optimizing the perception of the interior space through providing overall solutions for interior and exterior design. To this end, the design bureau operates in close collaboration with specialists from other architectural disciplines.
The majority of Arjaan De Feyter’s previous assignments and projects concerned private homes, but he has also designed commercial and office spaces. In addition, his body of work includes temporary and permanent art installations.
His work is characterized by a fondness for purity, the use of honest materials and a strong sense of detail. The emphasis is on a quiet minimal design, stripped of all things unnecessary without compromising functionality and comfort: ‘Architecture from the soul’. In this, the story and the personality of the client are of central importance.