Atelier General Architecture

Atelier General

Atelier General is an architectural firm based in Montreal and founded by the architects Alexis Naylor and Stephanie Plourde.
The agency is working to develop a customized architecture with simple means, by focusing on space and light. It is driven by a search for simplicity, in the expression and in the essence. For every situation, the answer is sober and just, yet imprinted with the intangible, that which gives life to the space.

Atelier General takes on projects of various scales and different natures, each developing in its own way a sensitive, constantly evolving approach that always aims to enhance individual and collective experiences of space.

The work of the agency has been recognized through numerous publications and prizes, such as First Prize for the competition Paysages en dialogue, organized by the Commission de la capitale nationale in Quebec City in the fall of 2014. Most recently, Atelier General has been selected among the 30 Canadian architecture firms breaking new ground by Azure Magazine.

LOCATION: Montreal, Canada