Atelier Schwimmer

About Atelier Schwimmer

Atelier Schwimmer is a design office led by Felix Schwimmer. We solve problems of the built environment of various dimensions incorporating aesthetic concerns that seek to improve everyday life. We collaborate with urban planners, architects, engineers, designers, artists, and clients with the intention of innovating and learning. Each project has a positive impact on the community and the built environment.

Our approach is rooted in experience in commercial, industrial, residential and building restoration as well as landscape architecture and temporary installations. Each project is informed by our clients’ specific requirements and innovation emerges through the design process. Our method combines solid technical and managerial competence in order to offer a profitable and personalized service.

The workshop has developed expertise for residential projects in urban and rural areas, particularly in the context of cities on the Island of Montreal. Through a design process that proceeds through continuous collaboration between the client, the municipality, the builder and the designers, our team has developed a reputation for producing quality projects.

LOCATION: Montreal, Québec, Canada

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