Atelier SUWA

Atelier SUWA is an architecture and design studio based in Montreal, Canada. SUWA is interested in enhancing and simplifying spaces. In their work the architects seek a balance between functionality and beauty, tradition and modernity. Their work is driven by the study and consideration of the existing site and building in order to achieve a certain economy of means. The design aesthetic is contemporary with a focus on materials, textures and techniques to achieve durable yet affordable designs. SUWA’s expertise is in renovation and transformation of residential and commercial buildings.

Each project brings a set of challenges and constraints which, when considered carefully, can enrich the design direction. In the design process SUWA works closely with its clients, builders and tradespeople and spends a lot of time on the construction site understanding the existing conditions and finding solutions to ensure the best result.

Marie-Eve L. Brodsky founded Atelier SUWA in 2015 in Montreal. The studio is an informal chapter of SUWA Tokyo, an architecture office led by Daisuke Sanada where Brodsky worked as an intern in 2013. Their shared design philosophy and deep-rooted friendship made the association natural. The two offices continue to work together on a project-by-project basis.

LOCATION: Montreal, Canada