B.E Architecture

Led by directors Broderick Ely, Jonathon Boucher And Andrew Piva, the B.E architecture team is young, dynamic and multicultural, with a range of personal interests and specialities.
With more than 20 years of practice, B.E architecture has built a body of work in various locations around Australia, with international commissions currently under development.
Our projects are deeply grounded in understanding of context and the user’s experience of the building so that they are meaningful and continue to be relevant over time. Our work has been recognised by numerous awards as well as being published widely both in Australia and overseas. The firm’s experience in creating sophisticated, timeless architecture has earned them the respect from peers and more importantly from our clients. B.E architecture has a long history of excellence in architecture for residential and commercial spaces.

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
LEARN MORE: https://www.bearchitecture.com/