babienko ARCHITECTS pllc

About babienko ARCHITECTS pllc

babienko ARCHITECTS pllc is an inventive architecture firm whose approach to architecture is grounded in solid construction techniques and practices. Spurred by a commitment to architectural creativity, and sustainable building practices we are a multi-disciplinary team that applies an artistic, thoughtful and innovative approach to design.

The firm invites a broad spectrum of work and building typology. We value a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, combing art and science to establish innovative, efficient, and inspirational solutions for our clients. The office brings a unique commitment to the integrity of design and passion for the tectonics of material, exhibiting an elegance of proportion, a subtle mix of colors and a meticulous execution of detail and craftsmanship. It is our goal to bring the vision of the client together with the particulars of the site to create an enduring livable architecture that celebrates durability and ecological integrity.

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington