baukultur/ca was established 2015 in Toronto by German Architect Felix Leicher as a boutique design and development company with the mandate to create healthy, ambitious and unique spaces of the highest architectural standards.

baukultur/ca understands architecture as an important part of human culture and therefore sees their projects as contributions to the public dialogue about architecture. Each creation enhances the cityscape, thus having a positive impact on urban development. The core of the design work is cultural and urban awareness, which enables them to create original concepts and authentic aesthetics that correspond with the purpose of each project and achieve buildings that are relevant. Ours is a thoughtful approach where each line shows a conscious decision.

During the design process, we explore the existing structures and urban context to create stunning modern spaces exceeding today’s standards and demands of healthy urban living. Our designs are always driven by the effort to create open, bright, modern but also comfortable, healthy and functional space.

baukultur/ca inherently understands the finished building as a piece of art where each design element fits the next and only together those pieces create a unique architectural unity, but at the same time, those buildings are objects of daily use which have to function and comfort at the highest levels.

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada