BETA Office

BETA office is centered around the idea that methodical approach is the precondition to good architecture.

Today we are faced with mounting challenges, in which the built environment is both a culprit and part of the solution. BETA believes in the transformational capacity of architecture in our urban and social landscapes and sees it as a collective responsibility to seek new alternatives. If embraced, constraints can be a rich source of inspiration.

BETA office approaches problems without preconception and nurtures a process of natural selection in solving them. Methodical investigation allows us to uncover, communicate and enhance the spectrum of architectural possibilities. After all, it is our daily business to assist our clients in their decision-making process.

In improving the quality of life in the contemporary city, BETA believes in an architecture which is responsive to constraints, driven by ambition and sensitive to context. The architectural results are therefore as diverse as the problems we’re presented with: occasionally radical, otherwise predictable but always surprising in their logic.

LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands