Bicbloc - Laura Encinas

Bicbloc is an architectural and design studio founded in 2016 by Laura Encinas. Based in London, the studio offers creative services within Interior Architecture and Design, Branding and Visual Merchandising. Laura studied Architectural Technology at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain and completed her degree at Vitus Bering University in Denmark. In 2003 she moved to the UK where she studied Interior Architecture at Oxford Brookes University.

The studio is focused on the understanding of how constant social, economic and cultural changes impact in the way we interact and behave within internal spaces. We believe that these should produce before anything else a sense of positive responses from the users. Consequently, wellbeing is the studio’s priority when developing design concepts and this is achieved by understanding how the experience can be incredibly improved by altering the way these spaces are used.

Bicbloc aims to deliver successful, imaginative and functional solutions ensuring that these contribute and add real value to the project.
With projects in UK and Spain, the studio is always interested in projects and/or collaborations worldwide.