Blueline Architects

Blueline Architects – We are architects and designers with a desire to create spaces that inspire their users to live their best life. We view ourselves as equal parts artists and problem solvers. We believe a successful project is one in which the solution could not exist apart from the journey, a journey which is as much our client’s as it is our own.
We started our company in 2007 with the goal of providing great design and service without the ego. Our founders Stuart Brummett and Ken Bridges honed their skills working on high-end residential, hospitality, and recreational building types as team members for such award-winning design firms as CCY Architects, Morter Architects, and Clayton & Little Architects. Yet despite our resumes, we consider our true successes to be the relationships and accolades that have resulted over the past ten years as we have guided hundreds of clients on their own unique journeys, and we believe a decade of clients would tend to agree. Blueline Architects is based in Denver, Colorado