Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter AB

Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter was founded by Per Bornstein and Andreas Lyckefors. As of 2012 Johan Olsson is an equal Partner
Besides looking at architecture’s aesthetic, functional and spatial qualities, all our architecture must have clear and attractive communicative qualities. It shall contribute to and strengthen our client’s core values and profile by strong architectural expression.
Communicative architecture state that in every project there is a clear link between final results and the inherent characteristics that a brand, an organization, a place or an individual possesses at the beginning of the design process.
We always strive to achieve unique solutions through creative processes, which measure an open and participatory approach, building on the knowledge that the entire project team possesses.
Communicative architecture is the result of a process where the architecture correspond directly to the client’s intentions, acts as a visualization of a companys identity and that naturally puts the function in focus, packaged in a clear and expressive form. All around us communicate!