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About Brasil Arquitetura

Brasil Arquitetura, created in 1978, is an association of architects led by the founding partners Francisco Fanucci and Marcelo Ferraz, both graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of USP. It carries out architectural, urban planning, restoration and restoration projects and industrial design for the most diverse sectors of activity: residences and residential complexes, shops, restaurants, industries, buildings for leisure and public and institutional use. We look for an architecture attentive to the “roots and antennae”, means that is anarchitecture created from deep connection with the cultural bases of each place, but always observing the present and looking at the future. In this trajectory, had many partners and collaborators and developed several projects with awards in Brazil and abroad, among which stand out: the Yellow Quarter in Berlin, Germany; the Rodin Bahia Museum, in Salvador, Bahia; the Bread Museum, in Ilópolis, RS; Villa Isabella, Finland; and the Praça das Artes in São Paulo.

LOCATION: Sao Paulo, Brazil