Brewin Design Office

Brewin Design Office is a design firm based in Singapore and Jakarta, founded in 2012, with the intention to develop a think-tank to create unique architectural and interior design interventions in Southeast Asia.
The firm’s in-depth process in investigating program, function, fabrication methodologies and construction process, gives structure to the foundations of design concepts, resulting in projects that are unmistakably akin to Brewin Design Office’s philosophy and aesthetics.
​The firm’s approach to design and craft is characterized by an artisanal and bespoke nature. Grounded by skilled fabrication processes, exploration of material use, and refined detailing, the cross-disciplinary approach is driven by collaborations with artisans and builders around the world. Drawing from the expertise of international specialized fabricators as partners, the firm can offer design and build services that range from the scale of a piece of furniture, to a part of a building.
​Brewin Design Office works regionally providing architecture, interior and furniture design services. The firm has in its senior management a group of dedicated designers from Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Brewin Design Office’s cultural, residential and commercial projects have been widely published by internationally renowned design publications. The firm was shortlisted in 2016 for Design Council Singapore’s President’s Design Award.