Buro KLK - Kohlmayr Lutter Knapp

The “office for systemic design” which was founded by the three eponymous partners Theresia Kohlmayr (*1985), Jonathan Lutter (*1981) and Christian Knapp (*1980) in 2010 gained experience in the fields of gastronomy and temporary use right at the beginning
of their cooperation in the form of the “Betonküche” project. Here, empty street front shops in a range of locations across Vienna were converted for a single night into pop-up restaurants. This situationist approach was continued in the form of hotel rooms under the “Urbanauts” name and, most recently, developed further and professionalised under the umbrella brand Grätzlhotel. Buro KLK – Kohlmayr Lutter Knapp is “one of the most interesting offices of the next generation due to both the refined interior designs and to the fact that they work not only as designers but also as entrepreneurs and consultants “(Places for People, Biennale Architettura 2016, Austrian Pavilion).
Their work was considered in the context of exhibitions, awards and nominations (American Architecture Prize 2017, Austrian State Prize for Design 2013, German Design Award 2015).