Chamberlain Architects

Chamberlain Architects is design focused architecture practice with a fundamental interest in collaboration. We create buildings for the residential and multi residential sector. We listen to our client’s needs and aspirations and distill these into beautiful homes.

Our studio is lead by Glen Chamberlain, Director and Ella Leoncio, Principal. Glen and Ella work with a team of dedicated architects throughout every stage of the project.

Our practice has a passion for materiality and the craft of architecture. We have built a reputation for our detailing and the fine resolution of our designs. We support this through meaningful collaboration with clients and builders.

At Chamberlain Architects, we invest a great deal of emotional energy in each project. We approach every new brief with respect and a committment to quality. We deliver projects in the most efficient way possible, using the latest technologies. An integrated 3D approach provides the opportunity to review the design in 3D at all stages. We are able to make informed and confident design decisions using this approach. The 3D model then becomes the foundation for all the documentation. The result is greater consistency and co-ordination.

LOCATION: Victoria, Australia