Chan + Eayrs

Chan and Eayrs

Chan + Eayrs are Artists of the Home. Founded by a duo of trained Architects, their work demonstrates a preoccupation with materiality, craft and composition.

Chan and Eayrs are a husband and wife duo of trained architects who create individually crafted homes from scratch. Eschewing the traditional role of an architect, Zoe and Merlin get personally involved in every aspect of each project, from finding the site right down to choosing individual furnishings. Their method of working is seamless and holistic, and at no point gets handed over to another party. Their roles as investors, creatives and craftsmen of each project mean they retain complete, uncompromised creative freedom to bring their visions to life.

This unique practice allows them to ‘feel’ their spaces, an emotional process that is emblematic of their work. They camp or live in their empty sites to understand the context, light, volumes and temperature of the spaces, and travel to find objects, materials and inspiration. The pair spends every day of the build working with and learning from the craftsmen, and sketch and draw continuously from start to finish, allowing the design to be endlessly refined.

By consciously making just one home at a time (each takes at least two years), every project is a journey, reflecting the couple’s current interest in a place, their influences, interests in materials and methods of making and connecting to nature and the elements.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom