Chen + Suchart Studio

The investigation of design and architectural ideas at Chen + Suchart Studio, LLC involves a rich process where the tools of drawing and sketching by hand, model making, rendering, and computer associated methods are deployed. There exists no ordained methodology at which the design solution is arrived. Programmatic needs, conditions of the site, and attention to the client’s desires all serve to inform this process. Our focus intensifies when we examine the spatial experience of our work. This representation allows us to thoroughly explore the architecture as it will be experienced in its built construct. We do not impose a particular language to a design idea. Rather we allow the process to inform, and as a result allow our language to reinforce the inherent ideas latent within every project.

Thamarit Suchart and Patricia Szu-Ping Chen Suchart completed their studies at the Rhode Island School of Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture 1997) and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (Master of Architecture in Urban Design 1999). Chen + Suchart Studio, LLC was established in 2002 while working at Wendell Burnette Architects and Jones Studio as a creative outlet to further independent thought. Patricia left Jones Studio in 2003 to solely focus on the work of Chen + Suchart Studio while Thamarit continued to work through May 2010 on one single residence (nearing completion) after nearly 7 years of design and construction.
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona