COOKFOX Architects

Founded in 2003 by Rick Cook and Bob Fox, COOKFOX Architects (formerly Cook + Fox) is devoted to designing beautiful, environmentally responsible, high-performance buildings. We are the first architectural firm to have designed three LEED Platinum projects in New York City: the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park, the world’s first LEED Platinum commercial skyscraper; a full-floor tenancy in the Empire State Building for Skanska Construction; and our own office in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District, the first LEED Platinum project in New York State.

COOKFOX co-founders Rick Cook and Bob Fox have built a team of passionate, talented professionals who are pursuing a transformative vision: beautiful design shaped by a strong connection to place, the highest standards of sustainability, and a commitment to excellence enriched by the collaborative process. We designed our open studio environment to be a healthy, productive, creative workplace where together we can meet the urgent challenge of crafting beautiful, sustainable architecture.