Cubic Studios

The story of Cubic is the tale of two Quintons. Architectural designer Quinton Gilbertson met engineer Quinton Schonknecht when their paths crossed in previous construction employment. Together they had a shared vision for a unique design response, embracing a love of raw materials and industrial design with the professionalism and pragmatism of their training and experience. Architecture, engineering, development, construction and design experience forms the heart of this multi-disciplinary team providing seamless service for clients.
After ten years, Cubic Studios is a collective of consummate professionals whose expertise in acquisition, architecture, engineering, construction and design enables complete management of all aspects of projects from start to finish, under one roof.
We have a vision for the delivery of truly bespoke homes and believe that there is merit in challenging the standard responses to building through our designs, details and materials that work together and are carefully delivered by our construction team.