CUN Design

CUN DESIGN proposed the concept of corporate operation space. It is the first space design team in China to combine the concepts of art creativity, technology office and green office to complete the efficiency of corporate office. CUN remains a pioneer in the field of office design development. Every year, our latest thinking on the trends in the office space will be released.

As CUN DESIGN grows, we haven’t limited our design thinking to space design, but spread it to wider areas. In recent years, CUN DESIGN has focused on helping real-estate companies solve practical problems in a fundamental way so as to magnify the business value of real-estate projects.

Therefore, CUN DESIGN has come up with a special design method for real-estate companies. Before design, we should have a thorough understanding of relevant policies and precisely find out our design purpose and task by considering both our own development need and the features of design projects. With analysis of receptors’ consumption trend, we can establish a proper supply-demand relationship to have our own core competitiveness in leading industrial development trend.

While adopting this method to design, we should, on one hand, design in compliance with spatial planning requirements of company management, which stands as an effective way to increase management efficiency while reducing management cost; on the other hand, we need to consider how well receptors will accept the design so we are intended to present them visual designs first and then use given cost to redefine extraordinary space experiences to magnify projects’ core features and set CUN DESIGN as an example in design industry through systematic thinking on multidimensional design art types.

LOCATION: Beijing, China