DA Group

DA Group was founded in 2008, and set up the headquarters in Hangzhou in 2012. We take Hangzhou as the strategic center, and Shenzhen is the R&D and product replenishment center for design, product development, resource integration and production. Our business radiates across the country with six major sectors,including design, interior decoration, installation art, furniture research and development, soft package development and distribution, and global procurement.

DA Group has achieved great success in the industry and has become one of the most trusted partners for some top real estate developers, hotel owners, clubs, large spaces, outdoor gardens, private owners and designers. Besides, our R&D furniture received a warm welcome in some top stores.

Depends on the following of global vision and exploring of ideal space, DA Group is more touch the essence – space is the refraction of time and emotion. From Shenzhen to Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Shanghai, we are not only extending the geographical layout, but also combining local culture and international trends, integrating of tangible and intangible emotions. And we refracts the experience of “one time and one place” in the space of “this time and this place” to write different architectural verses in different fields and at different times. Exploring between the East and the West, between the classics and the future, DA pioneering design team is committed to breaking through the limitations of style, exploring the boundaries of culture, and seeking spiritual fit between human and space. Moreover, we do customization for different space need from the fashion city to the humanity site and from the public domain to the private home.

In DA concept, a space is a universe. The original wood stone, carved brick, solid concrete, transparent glass… and the empty and full, the structure of the light and shadow are jointly constitute the space. And we reshape the vitality of natural materials with our professionalism to present subtle architectural elements as macroscopic visual art and create an ideal space.

In addition, DA Group owns 2 self-developed furniture factories, and is also the Asian chief agent of some world-renowned furniture manufacturers. We introduce the museum collection of classic design as a part of the home to highlight the value of life. In order to lead world’s cutting-edge design, we have established a large-scale art design and production company. And we jointly developed a new era of installation artworks with Chinese Academy of Arts and hundreds of domestic and overseas artists, using art to interpret the future space with cultural technology.

LOCATION: Hangzhou, China
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