DDDD Creative Studio

DDDD is the abbreviation of “Deng Deng Deng Deng”. Its Chinese name is pronounced in Cantonese, which sounds like the transliteration of the first four notes of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 (“Destiny”). “The Symphony of Destiny” is an outstandingly great musical masterpiece and philosophical artwork, which was created by Beethoven against all odds. In a musical piece, all notes are equal, which implies that only with trustful cooperation and mutual understanding can a successful commercial design be achieved. Inspired by this piece, DDDD hopes to convey the idea that space is not just a physical existence, but more about emotional expression. The four opening notes of “Destiny” are often used as BGM for a grand introduction or presentation, which also indicate that design practices need to break through all constraints, so as to produce amazing works. The DDDD team focuses on breaking traditional thinking, injecting vitality and dynamism into commercial spaces, promoting communication via design, increasing people’s happiness and pursuing the true meaning and value of design other than aesthetics.

Founder, DDDD Creative Studio
John Sun grew up in a typical traditional family in Guangdong, and showed great passion and talent for art since childhood. Having witnessed the rapid development of Shenzhen, and being influenced by the contrast between traditional Cantonese culture and multiculturalism of the neighboring Hong Kong, his interest for art and creation grew. However, his family’s biased traditional views on art blocked him from choosing any art-related education and career paths. After graduating with a computer science degree and engaging in business along with his father for 2 years, he resolutely resigned and stepped out of his “comfort circle”. In 2008, he entered interior design industry, starting from scratch. After years of experience accumulated in this field, and based on his continuous efforts for making improvement as well as his persistent enthusiasm about art creation, John established DDDD Creative Studio. Since embarking on the journey of interior design, he has worked on various types of commercial and retail projects, and has produced a multitude of exceptional spatial designs.

LOCATION: Shenzhen, China
LEARN MORE: https://www.instagram.com/dddd_creative_company/