Dellekamp Arquitectos

Dellekamp Arquitectos is an atelier, founded in 1999, that aims to find unique solutions to the specific conditions of each project through a rigorous research methodology. Its multidisciplinary approach endows its architecture with both pragmatic and creative attributes. At Dellekamp, architecture reveals the forces that contextualize space. By asking the right questions, Dellekamp probes the most adequate process for every project. Constraints are opportunities to develop creative solutions and deliver contextualized proposals, where theory and practice go hand in hand and spatial narratives are thought anew. The breadth of the projects in this atelier range from the design and construction of industrial corporate premises to the research of ephemeral urban architecture. Its architectural research fosters a laboratory of ideas that can feed their activities. In this way, Dellekamp Arquitectos are constantly a part of the academic and teaching realms, as well as research studies, lectures, publications, biennales, and exhibitions.