Dubbe Moulder Architects

Dubbe Moulder Architects

Dubbe Moulder Architects (DMA) is an established Jackson Hole residential and commercial architecture firm with a branch office in Driggs, Idaho. Licensed in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Utah, DMA was created in 1996 when Kurt Dubbe and Chris Moulder merged their private practices.

The use of an architect’s services should never be thought of as exclusive. Some of our most satisfying work has been for projects with modest budgets and demanding programs. High quality does not always mean high price: careful incorporation of new building technologies, when appropriate, have proven that exceptional results can be accomplished with minimal relative cost.

Design is both an intuitive and a cooperative process. We encourage dialogue and open discussion with our clients and the tradespeople who will ultimately be constructing the project. No one person has all the answers; however, when all parties involved with the project effectively communicate, the common goal of an efficient and remarkable result will occur.

DMA takes its role as agents to its client’s dreams, goals and aspirations seriously. We firmly believe that architecture is a service -based industry and, in order to serve their clients well, architects need to be experienced in all relevant technologies associated with any project. Coupling the technical elements of architecture to the softer, more tangible aspects of design, space, texture, color and light, where importance is usually emphasized, is the milieu where Dubbe Moulder Architects is most comfortable.

We seek to provide a space that evokes thought, entices one to explore the architecture, and to seduce you to experience a space, or as the noted architect, Charles Moore put it: “To create a sense of place”.

LOCATION: Jackson, Wyoming / Driggs, Idaho
LEARN MORE: dubbe-moulder.com