Edition Office

Edition Office is an architecture studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Through the execution of its built work and research, the practice is creating an ongoing series of figures, relics, stories and relationships; all continuing a greater investigation into material & spatial practice. Edition Office strive to constantly experiment with techniques and materials to uncover new processes that require less & less artifice. Edition Office engage with their work as a long form negotiation between a series of modifiers (people/place) and conditioning objects (buildings/relics). They design houses and buildings that exist within the layered realms of their environment, their place. These built projects act as an interface between a place and its occupier and set up an ongoing relationship of colliding adjacencies, where the latent histories of each party are bled into the next. Edition Office is Kim Bridgland (Director), Aaron Roberts (Director), Jonathan Brener, Karl Buck, Kate Finning, Alex Roome, Jane Roberts.