Edward Ogosta Architecture

Edward Ogosta Architecture is passionate about bringing inventive thinking and hard work to perfect each project.  Our expertise encompasses programming, planning, and design of a wide range of building types, including cultural facilities, higher education buildings, creative office interiors, museums, high-end residences, and multifamily housing.  Whether our clients have a modest or substantial project, and are local or international, Edward Ogosta Architecture is dedicated to engaging both the practical objectives and unique opportunities of each commission.
Our approach considers every design problem with rigorous conceptual thought, balanced with the pragmatics of program, budget, site, construction, and craft.  We work inclusively with our clients: to identify requirements, to address contingencies, to imagine possibilities, to move thoughtfully through a problem, and to discover methods for providing intentioned yet specific solutions to real needs.  Our most successful projects have both an openness and specificity, so that change may occur but the fundamental ideas remain intact.  We seek buildings that make intuitive sense at every scale, from the broadest notions of site planning, down to the feel of a door lever in one’s hand.
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California
LEARN MORE: http://edwardogosta.com/