Équipe Amsterdam

About Équipe Amsterdam

Équipe is an Amsterdam (NL) based office in architecture and urbanism. The field of work ranges from interiors, buildings, urban design, to landscaping. In a variety of assignments we practice a meticulous, progressive and multidisciplinary design process.
“We like to work through all scales and with a research attitude in order to emphasize the concept through the details. We believe in making achievable designs, so we work in close cooperation with builder and craft disciplines. Always looking for effortless and self-evident solutions, new possibilities and beauty.

Since 2006 Équipe Amsterdam has been involved in the research, design and construction of a highly sustainable office building called “Proyecto Roble”​ for a Landscaping firm in the rural South of The Netherlands. The project was delivered in June 2012 and rewarded in several occasions for its outstanding sustainable building design in combination with excellent architecture and social innovation.

Additionally the studio has worked on several key projects for private and commercial clients, among else: family dwellings and private villas (NL and D), a virtual renovation of a commercial building (Moscow), re-use of old heritage buildings, ‘public interior’​ EMC (Rotterdam), urban+landscaping designs (NL)

Équipe was founded by:
ir. Huib van Zeijl, architect BNA (MSc Architecture)
architectenregister 1.980701.005

LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
LEARN MORE: equipeamsterdam.nl