Estudio Galera Arquitectura

Estudio Galera was founded by Ariel Galera in 2008. Based just outside Buenos Aires, the small team describe their work as a ‘constant search for shapes and the effect created by natural light on matter’, characterized by playful, interlocking geometry that demonstrates their desire to experiment with structure and expression. Influenced by life and culture in general – ‘trips, books, good music, a meeting with friends’ – they also cite the Paulista school as well as South American geniuses such as Angelo Bucci, Mathias Klotz, Felipe Assadi, Sebastián Irarrázaval, Alejandro Aravena and Smiljan Radic, and big names including Ito, Moneo, Zumthor and Koolhaas. Galera firmly believes that ‘the best project is always the next one.’
LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Argentina