Fleetwood Fernandez Architects

Fleetwood Fernandez Architects is a creative architecture and design firm located in Los Angeles, California. The studio was founded by partners Hunter Fleetwood and Mariapaz Fernandez-Trillo, as a collaborative practice that specializes in residential architecture, art spaces, retail, and commercial interiors. Fleetwood/Fernandez delivers transformative, contemporary projects of lasting quality. In its relentless pursuit of simplicity, the studio’s investigative process is informed by respect for site and subject, program and the rituals of use. The firm’s award-winning portfolio includes completed projects throughout the United States, as well as Spain and the UK, ranging in size from an installation in a repurposed dumpster to medium size commercial buildings. Regardless of scale, Fleetwood/Fernandez upholds the social, civic and environmental responsibility that comes with the ability to reshape our surroundings, and strives for innovation in sustainable ways.