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Gardini Gibertini Architetti

About Gardini Gibertini Architetti

Gardini Gibertini Architetti is an Italian architecture practice led by Alice Gardini and Nicola Gibertini. The firm produces different types of projects ranging from public spaces, houses, to interior design and installations.

Alice Gardini
Degree in Architecture at the University of Florence (IT).
Since 1997 he is in charge of urban planning and residential.
She obtained a specialization in “excutive design” at Oikos University
of Bologna (IT) and a Master in “MASP – project of the public space” at Celsius
in Lucca (IT) in 2001, where she was tutor in subsequent editions.
In 2008 she concluded the Ph.D. in “Architectural Design” at the University
of Genoa (IT) and from 2012 to 2019 she is adjunct professor
at the University of Ferrara (IT).
She continues to follow both her academic pursuits as well as the practice.

Nicola Gibertini
Degree in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan in 1999,
forming academically between Milan and Barcelona (ETSAB).
Since 2001, he deals with architectural, urban planning and design.
In 2004 he obtained a Master in “MASP – project of the public space”
at Celsius in Lucca (IT).

LOCATION: Rimini, Italy