Goko Studio

GOKO STUDIO is an architecture office based in Barcelona, Spain. Since its creation in 2011, it has developed and executed refurbishment, restoration and new-build projects, which aim to adapt the architecture in order to prioritise people above all else, challenge conventional approaches to living spaces, and have a positive impact on our way of life.

GOKO STUDIO’s projects seek to harmonise the conditions of ‘vertical’ urban living with those features that nurture us as human beings: our longing for a safe refuge in tandem with expansive perspectives. Fluid transition between interior and exterior spaces and a layout of comfortable, functional spaces with personality are the ideal setting for us to go about our everyday lives in harmony. This is how GOKO STUDIO improves the quality of life of the people residing in its architecture.

In the 9 years since its foundation, GOKO STUDIO has developed and built more than 50 projects in the city of Barcelona. It is now expanding its area of activity to other cities in Spain, such as Valencia, Tarragona and Madrid, and to the other side of the world in Buenos Aires.

Gokostudio’s buildings celebrate life, and are a catalyst for change in the lives of the people that live in them.

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spania
LEARN MORE: https://gokostudio.com/