Gruff Ltd

About Gruff Ltd

Gruff Ltd is an award-winning, RIBA-Chartered architectural practice. Established seven years ago, the practice is run by its two directors, Emily Burnett and its founder, Rhys Cannon. The projects we undertake are of a diverse range and of differing scales, but every one is innovative and unique.

Our Work
Our design work is engaged with the built environment, maximising the potential of any scheme through intelligent, considered design. A creative response to both natural and urban contexts results in sustainable designs that sit comfortably and responsibly within their contexts, while a playful sense of discovery and adventure creates exciting, highly original work.

Our Process
We utilise a wide range of design and representational techniques, including physical modelling, traditional draftsmanship and computer generated imagery. And we value the integration of clients into the design process so that they can follow and inform every stage of their project’s evolution.