GRX Arquitectos

GRX Arquitectos understands architecture as the link between the landscape and its inhabitants. This alliance is multiple, complex and defines the society that builds it by crystallizing political, economic and social structures. Architecture explains to us throughout history how the societies have been that have built them. In GRX Arquitectos we think that architecture can transform the society in which it is inserted by being an active agent in the construction of new realities.

GRX is a young architecture studio and is therefore experiencing its own method of addressing the ideation and development of projects. They understand that architecture is a process where a multitude of agents in different phases are mobilized for the realization of a common objective in which the architect becomes a catalytic agent of all the parties involved for the development of each project. In that context, the idea of authorship and individuality are relegated to a secondary level and collaborative work and multidisciplinarity become a priority element in the process.

This quality of the way in which they understand architecture leads them to create GRX Architects Project Manager, with which in GRX we decided to increase the involvement in the construction of our projects by favoring the collective dynamics involved in the construction of architecture, promoting collaboration with artisans, artists and crafts with which we consider fundamental to work horizontally. Therefore GRX in an elastic community of professionals that adapts in team, form and process to each project.

LOCATION:  Granada, Spain