Hoogland Architecture

Hoogland Architecture is a multidisciplinary architecture and design firm based in Las Vegas and led by Henry CJ Hoogland III, AIA.
Our experience and portfolio encompass works of architecture, programming, interior designs, landscape designs, and master planning. Our work centers on our clients’ aspirations, the particular project’s context, the potential of a site, the possibilities of materials, the realities of construction, and the relationships between light and space.
We believe that an authentic, architectural experience can only be crafted through the vigorous gathering of input, creative exploration, the development of architectural ideas, critical design feedback, a free flow of ideas, and an iterative, evolutionary, and collaborative process. Exceptional design comes through distilling and editing. We believe the details of a project should always be in service of the larger architectural ideas and the physical realities of building and construction sequencing. We believe that real “sustainability” is built into the initial concept of a project and has long-term cost, health and environmental implications.
LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
LEAR MORE: http://hooglandarchitecture.com/

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