Hous3 is a group of architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, constructers, researchers, inventors and innovators based in Guimarães, Portugal.
The workshop is currently involved in a big number projects across the country.
Hous3 architecture emerges from a careful and detailed analyses from each one of its customers, the territory as well as the constantly evolutions and changes from day life. We believe that, to deal with the actual challenges, we must create a kind of architecture that reaches the perfect balance between living, leisure, work and nature.
We continuously search for the best methods to change our planet’s surface, in a way that it can adapt to our contemporaneous lives as smooth as possible.
We can’t predict the future, but we are fascinated by it.

What we do
Hous3 develops architecture projects within a particular atmosphere of elegance and quality, where problems of program, place and context, structure, construction technologies and others are absorbed and synthetized.
The workshop reflects its founder’s profiles as well as all the team. It has been developing and specializing in 4 fundamental and strategic areas: Tourism, Agriculture, Real Estate and Private Accommodation

In each of our projects, we develop and implement a service that goes from project conception until its full execution. A “turnkey” concept that obliges a constant rigor, growth, commitment, professionalism and also an efficient management in time, costs and quality controls.

Is that idea of innovation and movement that fascinates us! Allowing to continuously materialize our formal investigations and creation of wider programs.

LOCATION: Guimarães, Portugal
LEARN MORE: hous3.pt