Hundred Mile House

Hundred Mile House leads all phases of architectural design and development for residential renovation and new construction. We’ll explore design options that best suit you, your property and your budget, and then guide everything that’s necessary to get you to the finish line. We know trustworthy tradespeople to build your project, have access to suppliers with great materials and furniture, and we’ll work closely with you to make sure you stay on budget and on time.
Hundred Mile House was founded in 2006 by Duane Smith. He’s an award-winning industrial designer and architect with a passion for innovative, beautiful environments. Duane had a unique privilege to study sustainable architecture at the Bauhaus in Germany during the early days of its rebirth. There, he established his appreciation for modernism and design for the masses. After 20 years as an entrepreneur and designer of everything from lighting to apparel to homes, he brings a breadth of knowledge and a unique perspective to residential architecture.
Hundred Mile House is based in Palm Springs, California, United States.