Harmony World Consultant and Design is widely recognised as HWCD. We are an international design company based in London, Shanghai and Barcelona. With approximately 500 design specialists, we work with a broad spectrum of design projects including urban design, boutique hotels, high-end residential, commercial design and art consulting. Balancing creative vision with production feasibility, we approach each project in a considered holistic way. We work closely with our clients to achieve their expectations through unique bespoke design, neither formulaic nor style-driven. Our designs are derived from a studied appraisal of and an intelligent and layered response to the objectivity and purpose.

Our award-winning team specialised principally in residential architecture and luxury interior designs. For HWCD, the true design lies in creativity, expertise and personalised results to make a better living environment. We form our design by using what we call “the making of luxury” to enrich the experience and overcome challenges. Our aim is to create living spaces that are enduringly elegant and timeless for our exclusive private clients and property developers.

LOCATION: London, Shanghai and Barcelona
LEARN MORE: h-w-c-d.com