Ian Barker Gardens

Ian Barker Gardens is a landscape design and construction service based in Canterbury, Victoria.

Founded by Ian Barker in 1993, the Ian Barker Gardens teams come with a wealth of garden design experience and knowledge, offering you a level of professionalism that is unsurpassed in the landscaping industry.

At Ian Barker Gardens, we operate garden design, construction and maintenance companies all under the one roof. This means that we can eliminate the hassle of building a new garden by taking care of the whole package in house, including the construction of your swimming pool. We can guarantee an overall experience free of complication and confusion with a finished product of the highest quality that will exceed your expectations.

With our years of experience and expertise, we can ensure that your Melbourne landscaping project runs smoothly from start to finish. At Ian Barker Gardens, we understand that every client has different needs. So, whether you’re looking for an entire solution from paper to property, or are just looking for a brilliant garden design, on-site construction works or for regular garden maintenance in Melbourne, Ian Barker Gardens will work with you to produce spectacular results every time!
LOCATION: Canterbury, Victoria, Australia
LEARN MORE: https://www.landscape.net.au/