JAMD Architecture

JAMD Architecture, established in 2010, is a young architectural design team adhering to the philosophy of minimalism. So far, the company has extended its design services from high-end private housing to commercial restaurants, public spaces and other fields, and has gradually improved its visibility and influence within the industry.

JAMD founders, Huang Jiexin and Huang Shuobin, elaborately lead the design of each project in a global perspective and a highly personalized manner, dedicated to providing customized design solutions and creating minimalist yet powerful space for every client.

JAMD has been trying to wipe out the superfluous in design practices and taking “less is more” as a motto. The company is renowned for clean lines, fine workmanship and precise closing-ups in its works, which seems simple and easy but in fact embodies the company’s firm pursuit of exquisite and complex techniques.

JAMD doesn’t restrict itself to a certain design style but strives to create diversified minimalist interior designs through combining elements and details as interesting and simple as possible. In this way, JAMD has gradually embarked on a unique journey of interior design.
LOCATION: Jieyang, Guangdong Province, China
LEARN MORE: http://www.jamd-ar.com/