Jmarvel Interior Design

Jmarvel Interior Design

Jmarvel Interior Design is composed of a group of people from different design backgrounds. All the members specialize in interior design, architectural design, process design, visual communication, advertising design and other majors. Jmarvel Interior Design tries to integrate talents and professional knowledge from various fields, views design from multiple perspectives, and commits itself to the future development direction of space, integrating youth, vitality and diversity into space. The design concept is full of humor and interest in life, emphasizing nature, humanity and clear original design. In design, a beautiful quality life specially crafted is created through smooth moving lines and artistic materials. We believe that the best design is to let people experience the initial and final touch of life.

Space Aesthetics of Art and Humanity
Life stars from the design. We will reflect the unique personality of the homeowner in multiple dimensions, and strive to create a situational story full of art and humanity. We will combine media materials with artistic aesthetics to add interest to the space.

Comfortable and Cozy Home Functions
Planning pattern moving lines and functions are indispensable elements for creating space. According to the homeowner’s needs and preferences, a perfect receiving function and the life personality with the quality home texture, presenting the owner’s desire for home and ideal.

Viewing Design on the Shoulders of Giants
“The extension and broadening of design vision are the most abundant harvest.” The team regularly visits Japan to bring new elements and new horizons to design, deepen design thinking with an international perspective, and take root downward. For example, I have visited Tadao Ando “21_21 Design Sight” personally to turn my curiosity and doubt about Tadao Ando into practical experience and internalized design nutrients, and I look forward to refining my own energy from the Japanese design heritage. I have also visited “Sunnyhills, Castle Peak Shop” designed by Kengo Kuma, realized how light travels through wooden structures, dots, lines, surfaces to form a variety of light and shadow and create a comfortable and warm feeling, and observed many different aspects of design. In the future, Jmarvel Interior Design will further apply what it has learned to residential and commercial spaces and provide more considerate service planning.