Joao Diniz Arquitetura

About Joao Diniz Arquitetura

Our goal is to create architectural solutions in full dialogue with our clients,
users and locations to which these projects and constructions are produced.

Since 1989 we are a company engaged in the unique creation of single and multifamily residences, commercial, corporate and industrial spaces,
as well as urban design, urban planning, design and interior architecture.

Respect for social and environmental contexts and the special needs of each project is our first target and on this premise we address each specific question that comes to us.

Our creativity always goes together with the interactivity that we seek with our clients in an attempt to make them our partners and friends.

Joao Diniz Arquitetura are a flexible team ready to meet different demands and schedules and we have an efficient network of consultants and suppliers who can interact and complete our work.

LOCATION: Belo Horizonte, Brasil