JST Architecture

Xie Suting, JST Architecture

Founded in 2020 by Xie Suting, JST Architecture is committed to exploring more possibilities for residential, commercial, and working spaces with the research-based design.

“Less is more” is JST’s consistent design language, which intends to make the clear architectural logic and condensed hierarchical structure part of the indoor narrative, so as to make each work a pure and unique existence.

These behind the simple form are the precise integration of texture, color and proportion, the light, shadow and rhythm flowing inside and outside, as well as the superposition of intuition and artistic perception. These multiple elements constitute rich emotional experience, giving the space high value and lasting memory.

Founder of JST Architecture
Xie Suting’s design aesthetics is modern and minimalist, where light, space, emotion and the unique characteristics of each location are used with care.
The design style will naturally change over time, but Xie Suting always insists on the importance of warmth and texture.